Birthday for charity

It’s been inspiring to see that simply by having a “Birthday for Charity” one can do so much good. I’ve encouraged my friends who want to give me a gift on my birthday to instead give to my favorite charity instead. With this, I was able to raise lots of money for my favorite charity, the Against Malaria Foundation. Here is the tally for the last 3 years:


Thank you all for having participated in these ❤

It’s not very obvious why the amounts have decreased over the years, but I suspect the 2014 amount is so much lower because of poor promotion. In 2013 I created a Facebook event for an actual party happening at my house and invited all 1,400+ friends I have on Facebook. Most couldn’t attend, but chose to give a gift anyway. In 2014 I didn’t have such an event.

The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) distributes anti-mosquito bednets that protect people from malaria. This is a research-based cost-effective way to prevent the disease. Every $3 you give to AMF, you protect on average 2 people for the next 5 years from malaria! This means children won’t be sick and will go to school more, and adults won’t be sick and not miss work-days. Everyone wins!