I’ve made charitable giving a part of my life because I would like there to be far less suffering in the world and I can help that happen by donating my money to the most cost-effective charities. By donating only 10% of my income, every year I can be sure to save 8 new children from dying (and give them a long healthy life instead). By giving more and doing it consistently through my life, I could easily save the lives of about 500 people.

“*Some of the most important things in life depend on a small number key decisions. Because a single person can do an astonishing amount of good with a small amount of money, one of these decisions is whether to use your money to benefit others. The best charities are hundreds of times more effective than average ones. For this reason, where you decide to give your money is key.*”

Nick Beckstead

Starting to give is easy, consider having a Birthday for Charity: ask your friends to donate to a worthy charity instead of giving you gifts! Choosing a charity has become easier as well: GiveWell offers years of research into the question of “What is the most effective charity?”; the chaities they recommend are better than average by a factor of 100 or more. Finally, considering joining me and others at Giving What We Can.