Why give: 2

Give, because it makes life meaningful!

If you were asked to write the eulogy for yourself to be read at your funeral, you would likely want it to say “she was a generous woman, kind, caring, giving … she helped so many people through her life”. If similar words are what you’d like for someone to read about you once you are no longer alive, you have control over it: start giving!

I can’t think of anything more meaningful in life than helping people. I encourage you to get involved in helping people, but I urge you to do it methodically. For me, helping others isn’t about how good I will look in public, or how good it will make me feel once I am done (though I assure you it’s the most rewarding experience); for me, helping others means helping as many people as I can with the limited resources I have available.

Good intentions are not enough, some charities help people but it costs thousands of dollars to help someone a little, and others (usually unintentionally) even harm those they try to help (read about PlayPumps for example). So do some research and give to cost-effective charities. This way, when you give, you know you’re helping–and not just a bit–you are tremendously helping many people even with a small $10 donation.