Why give: 3

Give, because you can do more good by giving than by doing!

If you go to a soup kitchen and donate one hour of your time, you will help some people. But if you work at a job that pays $25/hour, when you donate that money to the soup kitchen, they can hire help for at least 3 hours!

It gets even better if you give to charities that work in developing countries: for $25 you could fully fund a cataract surgery that will restore vision to a blind individual!

It’s counterintuitive to think this way at first, but think it through. If you give even a small fraction of your income, as long as you give to the most cost-effective charities, you can do a serious amount of good in the world! Every $5 protects someone from malaria for about 5 years and every$0.50 cures someone of parasitic worms in their stomach.