Why give: 5

Give, because you can help someone tremendously for so little!

Some charities use research-proven methods that cost very little to implement. What that means is that if you choose a cost-effective charity you can do so much good with even a small donation.

For example, giving only $0.50 to Schistosomiasis Control Initiative will cure someone of parasitic worms for an entire year! If it’s a child, she will go to school more days out of the year; if it’s an adult, he will be able to earn income for his family instead of writhing in pain at home.

Choosing an effective charity has become simpler. GiveWell has spent over 5 years searching for charities that use research-backed methods, are transparent, and have room for more funding. When GiveWell recommends a charity, you know that it will do a lot of good for every dollar you give.

The ultimate goal of charity should be to help, and it makes sense to help more than fewer. When I know how much good I can do with even a small donation, I am inspired to give what I can.